ARC Flash Studies

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis is a method for identifying potential electrical hazards at each point in an electrical distribution system. Understanding the extent and scope of these hazards is a key component to a comprehensive safety plan to protect employees from serious injury or death that may result from arc flash electrical explosions. An explosion occurs when a fault develops in electrical equipment and discharges heat, pressure, sound, and molten metal in all directions around electrical equipment.

Identify Potential Hazards At Each Point Of Electrical Distribution System.

Why perform arc flash hazard analysis?

  • Meets OSHA requirements to protect employees who work on and around electrical equipment
  • Can reduce insurance liability
  • Fulfills periodic electrical evaluations required by law
  • Assists in identifying and reducing electrical problems before they lead to unscheduled outages, OSHA safety concerns or an Arc Flash event

Arc Flash Benefits

  • We will lessen customer and staff liability, as all Hunt Electric technicians are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) during data gathering.
  • We apply durable (thermally printed vinyl) labels including the date the Arce Flash studies were conducted.
  • We include an updated, one-line diagram of your facility
  • We clearly identify dangerous equipment that cannot be operated along with proposed mitigation methods.
  • Our in-house, licensed professional engineers will review the overall study and final calculations.

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