Commercial Sustainable Energy

Solar Energy Solutions for Your Business

Solar energy is one of the most abundant sustainable energy sources available. Put solar to use in your businesses and enjoy crucial benefits.

  • Cut operating expenses
  • Reduce future energy costs with fixed levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
  • Enjoy low maintenance clean energy
  • Take advantage of federal, state, and utility subsidies
  • Improve your brand and goals with a greener image

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How Hunt Electric Handles Solar Installations

Several factors make Hunt a leader in installing commercial solar equipment:

Lifetime Value
Our designs are precision engineered for expedited construction and long-term reliability.

Stellar Service
Our team designs, engineers, and installs a customized system tailored to meet your needs and connect seamlessly to the utility grid, client microgrid, or energy storage units.

Quality Assurance
All equipment is produced by proven, bankable vendors and is installed by NABCEP-trained technicians who perform frequent quality checks. Our materials are backed by best-in-class manufacturer’s warranties.

Years of successfully completing complex commercial and industrial solar projects on time and on budget give us the ability to design and install a system that is just right for you.

Trusted Partner
Hunt Electric’s history of standing behind our work has made us a trusted partner to organizations and general contractors for their most important commercial and industrial solar projects.

Manage Complexity
We can tackle any type of project from ground mounts, roof mounts, or canopies and give you a single point of contact to manage all details of structural, civil, and electrical work.

Turnkey Solution
Hunt Electric handles every aspect of your commercial solar design and installation and gives you a single point of contact for addressing any issue that might arise. With our one-stop shop, you make one phone call, you get a price, and we deliver.





Since 1986, Hunt Electric has built a solid reputation of providing a wide range of industry-leading services for commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects throughout the Intermountain West. With our eight in-house divisions, we can assist our clients with any need they have with a single point of accountability.