Energy Storage

Control Your Sustainable Energy Power

An onsite battery storage system gives you new options for managing electricity and more control over how you use power. These advanced systems free you from complete dependence on the power grid and give you several other benefits.

Avoid the Grid's Highest Rates
If your business consumes power in steep peaks for brief periods, your utility company could charge you a higher rate for this brief spike. This is called a demand charge. By using stored energy instead of power drawn from the grid during peak power usage, you avoid paying costly demand charges.

Make the Most of Sustainable Energy
A drawback of solar power is its variability. The sun doesn't always produce on demand. Battery storage evens out the unpredictability by allowing you to save the energy your solar array generates when the sun shines and use the surplus when it doesn't.

Backup When You Need It
A battery storage system gives you a reliable power reserve to draw from to maintain operations during power grid outages.

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Here's How Hunt Electric Can Help

We have years of experience designing battery storage systems customized to meet our clients' needs, and we're well equipped to manage the intricacies of installing these complex systems. Hunt can deliver a sophisticated battery storage system that automatically performs complicated tasks.

  • Using advanced algorithms to assess available power sources
  • Determining when and what power source to engage
  • Adjusting to power sources and loads to ensure energy reliability
  • Prioritizing loads as critical, essential, or standard and determining if additional power is needed during outages





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