Electric Vehicle Charging

Hunt Electric’s Sustainable Energy Division is helping business owners upgrade electrical infrastructure and install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at workplaces and publicly owned locations. Workplace charging presents benefits for companies, such as the ability to attract and retain new employees, demonstrate the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and contribute to improved air quality.

There are multiple programs businesses can utilize to help lower the cost of their investment including tax advantages, rebates and state programs. Businesses can also create the opportunity for long-term revenue, including returns from permitting public paid charging at their locations and selling marketing space on the face of EV charging stations.

200 Installations and counting!

Align your environmental ideals with a team

committed to the future. With 200+ installations,

we are proud to provide these environmentally

sound solutions and can’t wait to expand our reach to

other markets moving forward.

Benefits of EV Charging

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Attract and retain environmental conscious employees
  • An alternate to conventional fuels
  • Lower costs of investment with tax advantages

EV Charger Applications

  • Workplace/businesses
  • Fleet depots
  • Multifamily residences
  • Urban parking structures




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