Electric Vehicle Charging

Go Further with EV Chargers

As the number of electric vehicles on the road increases, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations will become an amenity both that employees and customers will come to expect. Installing EV chargers will increase your company’s share of critical benefits.

Social Responsibility
Installing EV chargers shows that you are willing to take the next steps in improving the quality of the environment and preserve natural resources for future generations and that sustainability means more to you than just a buzz word.

Installation Incentives
Currently federal, state, and local governments offer subsidies in the form of incentives, credits and grants for installing EV chargers.

Customer Goodwill
EV charging stations attract more customers and keep them on your site longer. You send the message that you share your customers’ commitment to making the world a safer, cleaner place.

Employee Satisfaction
EV chargers do more than just meet your employees’ need for transportation. They prove to employees that you stand behind their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, and lead to a sense of pride in their place of work. Offering employees free charging and prime parking spots can be a powerful incentive.

Extra Revenue
Your chargers can become a source of additional income by selling automotive charging to the public or placing paid advertising on the chargers.

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Hunt Electric Makes Installation Easy

Years of performing EV charger installations and the breadth of services that we offer make Hunt Electric an ideal partner for installing your EV chargers. We assign you a single point of contact at Hunt Electric so that you can get answers to questions or address any challenge that may arise with one phone call. Then we will take care of every step of the installation from start to finish. This includes the following.

  • Creating the designs and drawings based on your requirements
  • Obtaining local permits
  • Performing the civil work required (excavation, concrete pads, landscape repair)
  • Completing the electrical interconnections and installation
  • Commissioning the chargers
  • Supporting the chargers with long-term services





Since 1986, Hunt Electric has built a solid reputation of providing a wide range of industry-leading services for commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects throughout the Intermountain West. With our eight in-house divisions, we can assist our clients with any need they have with a single point of accountability.