Dandy Dental

Hunt Electric played a crucial role in the transformation of a 25,000 sq. ft. recreational facility into a cutting-edge digital dental laboratory for Dandy Dental. This state-of-the-art facility now manufactures a wide range of dental products, from crowns and bridges to complete sets of dentures. Despite facing challenges such as supply chain delays, we successfully devised innovative solutions to enhance the building's infrastructure and achieved full operational capacity for the lab within a remarkable seven-month timeframe.

The collaboration between Hunt's Electrical and Engineering Divisions was instrumental in designing and implementing an upgraded electrical service, increasing the power supply from 800 to 2,500 amps. Addressing supply chain obstacles that impeded the timely delivery of essential equipment, we developed initial, interim, and final electrical solutions to keep the facility running seamlessly until the long-lead items were received.

Our extensive experience in life science projects enabled us to navigate the intricate circuitry powering each of the facility's 128 workstations. Balancing functionality and aesthetics, we efficiently organized mechanical controls and electrical circuitry within a confined space. Additionally, Hunt's Technology Division played a pivotal role in setting up the building's card access system, remodeling structured cabling, installing a wireless access system, and incorporating a small audiovisual system.

Despite a one-year delay in the delivery of critical electrical components necessary to augment the building's power supply, Hunt Electric promptly implemented temporary solutions. Leveraging our strong ties with the local utility, Lehi City Power, we repurposed used transformers and panels, and rented a main distribution unit (MDU) to boost the power supply temporarily. These interim measures were crucial in meeting the owner's immediate production goals until the permanent equipment arrived and could be seamlessly integrated.




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