Star Peak Substation, Transmission, and Distribution

Hunt Electric's High enhancements to the Star Peak Power Station enabled the geothermal plant to generate up to 16 megawatts of sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity for distribution on the power grid. As part of the scope, our High Voltage team refurbished a 30-year-old substation by installing new equipment, new transformers, and 4,000 feet of transmission line. Hunt ran distribution to five new geothermal generators and built 9,000 feet of distribution line. We also changed the substation's voltage from 120 kV to 69 kV. Hunt's High Voltage, Technology, and Engineering divisions collaborated to make the project successful.

The remote location and desert climate posed challenges to the project. Hunt responded by building a work camp on site, including providing electricity and water, to house the crew during construction. We also scheduled work around material and equipment deliveries that were delayed because of the location's remoteness. Our experience working in desert climates also helped us prepare the crew for working long periods in temperatures as high as 110 degrees.

We collaborated with the owner, Kaishan Group, to gain a mutual understanding of their needs and the project's requirements. Despite language, culture, and distance barriers, we executed the project to the owner’s high standards. 




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