St. Mark's Cathedral

The St. Mark’s Cathedral in Salt Lake City was built in 1871, it is the third oldest Episcopal Cathedral in the United States and the second oldest continuously used worship building in Utah. Our Sustainable Energy Division installed a roof-mounted 90kW DC solar array on the buildings adjacent to the cathedral.

This array consists of 237 380W Trina Solar modules, five Solar Edge Inverters and a Sunmodo Racking attachment system. The solar system covers 4,023 sq. ft. of roof area.

The array was installed on 45-degree pitched roofs, during the winter months, while onsite preschool was in session. To ensure safety we increased the roof-top tie-off points, implemented overhead protection, and instituted a coordinated safety plan to protect occupants and workers. As a result, the project was completed with zero safety incidents.

It was a honor have the opportunity to equip a building with such a long and distinguished history with the latest high-tech solar array. 




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