Packaging Corporation of America Additions

After Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) signed a major client, they faced the challenge of increasing their production capacity to meet the client’s demand for the corrugated packaging they manufacture. PCA contacted Hunt Electric to help them complete a five-phase project to combine two older production plants and install new corrugator machinery that dramatically increased PCA’s production capacity.

As PCA’s design-build partner, Hunt collaborated closely with their engineering team to understand their vision and convert it into the drawings we later used to install the equipment.

The PCA facility continued to run at 100 percent capacity full-time during installation. So, Hunt adjusted our work schedule to avoid interfering with the plant’s production. Our experienced team completed the installations with high-quality work, technical expertise, and a singular focus on safety that enabled us to finish the project without outages or shutdowns, so PCA’s output of corrugated packaging was not impacted.

As a result of our work, PCA dramatically multiplied their production capacity and satisfied their new client.




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