95 State at City Creek

Prior to excavation and demolition of existing structures, our technology division had to relocate all the fiber optic telecommunications that service many high-end clients in the downtown area. This was a huge undertaking which presented many challenges: lack of existing drawings for underground duct banks, traffic congestion, pedestrian walkway access, surrounding businesses and the need to remain open during construction, and the sensitivity to live circuits on the existing fiber that did not allow for any unplanned downtime.

Our teams worked with each client to identify endpoints of the fiber optic cables in place and install a new underground conduit on Social Hall Avenue. The Hunt Electric Infrastructure and Electrical Service Teams worked seamlessly to produce efficient construction schedules. This helped our crew overcome numerous hurdles to meet the client's start date for excavation. The technology foreman created new pathways and helped coordinate efforts with all three Hunt divisions to complete the buildout.




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