Bangerter Highway Project Highlight

This complex project included the full reconstruction of four existing intersections along Bangerter Highway at 5400 South, 7000 South, 9000 South, and 11400 South. Each intersection was modified from standard signalized intersection to full interchanges to help with the flow of traffic along the highway.   

Hunt Electric’s scope of work consists of full relocation and construction of Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), which includes Cameras, Traffic Monitoring Stations, On-Ramp Metering, and a new 144 SMFO Backbone down the corridor through the project limits. Hunt is also tasked with the relocation and construction of a private utility duct bank that consists of 19 conduit pathways at 5400 South and 9000 South with minor movements and adjustments at 11400 South.

Each of the new interchanges received a new Traffic Signal System via a Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) for the cross streets and off ramps. These systems include Signals, Pedestrian Functions, Matrix Radar, Pre-Emption, and Advanced Detection Systems. Along with the SPUI’s, Hunt will make modifications to the intersection of 4015 West and 5400 South to facilitate the removal of the Thru-Turns that current exist. Along 11400 South, the design calls for the removal of the oval roundabout at The District and the installation of two new Traffic Signal Controlled Intersections. 

New lighting at each interchange will be done via LED with 80’ High Masts and 40’ Steel Luminaire Posts. Each Off Ramp, Bridge Understructure, and the Corridor will have new lighting. The current Pedestrian Bridge located at 7000 South will be demolished and relocated to the north of the current location. The new structure to will be lit with new LEDs.

Our Traffic and Infrastructure team worked hard for 1 ½ years to reconstruct 4 interchanges along Bangerter Highway - often working long, cold, overnight shifts – and their hard work paid off! UDOT representative Shaun Montgomery praised our team on this project at its official completion last week: 

“Hunt Electric worked through the very cold, wet and snowy winter months and challenging conditions, but soldiered on. Their constant dedication and continued high quality needs to be recognized...They had everything running so seamlessly. I want to thank everyone who worked on these projects, I am constantly impressed with the speed, quality and safety that Hunt's employees are producing.” Great job, team! 

Hunt Electric has worked on a number of similar projects along other major corridors along the Intermountain West. Upon completion, commuters will have a much safer, faster route along the west side of the valley.