Hunt Electric Is Now Serving Our Clients in Four Key Markets

As our clients will tell you, Hunt Electric is always changing and adapting to find better ways to meet their needs. From creating eight in-house specialty divisions that address every potential electrical or technology need they may have to cultivating a culture that does whatever it takes to keep our promises, Hunt has always shown versatility by innovating and expanding to give our clients the best possible service. 

This is a critical reason why Hunt has grown into the Denver Colorado, St. George Utah, and Boise Idaho markets. Expanding our footprint beyond our Salt Lake City Headquarters enables Hunt to fulfill the needs of long-standing clients as they expand and grow in new regions.   

President and CEO of Hunt Electric, Troy Gregory explains, “Adapting our structure to fit the customer’s needs by opening offices in new markets enables us to support our established clients with the services they have come to rely on from Hunt but may have a hard time finding in other areas.”

Here are some ways we’re making a difference for our clients in the markets that we serve.  

Denver, Colorado Market

The Denver market is heating up and bringing Hunt Electric a wide variety of work. The strong relationships we have created in the last seven years have been built on critical qualities that make Hunt stand apart.   

Multiple In-house Divisions – “We’re unique in this market because we do so many things in-house,” notes Troy Gregory. Hunt gives turnkey solutions in all phases of the project including conceptual design, engineering, vertical construction, civil construction, to maintaining the facility. We can provide any electrical service that our clients need.

Design-Build Delivery – Using this method streamlines the project. “Design-build helps us communicate deadlines and milestones to the client, general contractor, and owner so they can make timely decisions based on cost and schedule that make the project run more efficiently,” says Colorado Branch President, Nate Otterson. 

Conception to Completion Approach – Our team members are involved in the estimating, pre-construction, design, and all the way through to completion. This approach provides uniformity throughout the process so that all critical design intent and project requirement information is passed from the estimating team to the construction team. 

Flexibility – Clients have learned to appreciate our versatile capabilities ranging from multimillion-dollar projects to day-to-day service calls. Because many of our clients have multiple divisions or do business in multiple markets, they have come to rely on Hunt’s ability to tackle projects of any type or any size. 

Thoroughness/Organization – Hunt defines and clarifies scopes of work upfront for all trade partners and uses matrices and checklists to ensure that nothing is missed or forgotten. This gives us a more complete and coordinated design and makes projects run more efficiently so they stay on budget and schedule.   

St. George, Utah Market

The St. George market is on a growth trajectory for the future. 

“Our strategy for entering the St. George market is centered on our current clients and potential clients. We want to be their solution and partner with them on their most sophisticated projects. We add value to the market by being good competition,” Troy Gregory explains.

During our time in the St. George market, Hunt Electric has become known as an electrical contractor who provides elements critical to project success. This includes the following.

Ability to Provide Labor – Hunt’s ability to draw from labor resources outside the St. George area has helped us keep our projects on schedule, which has been a great value in a tight labor market. 

Proven Relationships – One factor that brought us to St. George was the request from general contractors in the Salt Lake market to support their St. George projects. Our recent work on projects such as Dixie State University Campus View Suites Phase II has strengthened our reputation by proving we can deliver projects on budget and on schedule even in spite of supply chain issues.

Breadth of Services – Hunt Electric enhances the St. George market by offering the full services of eight electrical divisions. This helps us offer more options and solutions both to our current clients and to the entire market. Clients and owners appreciate that we offer one point of contact who can address all of their electrical needs. 

St. George Office – Opening a new office in St. George not only gives us a place to store materials, but it also shows our commitment to the area. “The local market tends to see Salt Lake specialty contractors as transitory, here today and gone tomorrow. Our new office plants Hunt’s flag in St. George and sends a powerful message that we’re here to stay,” says Mark Porter, St. George Branch President. 

Boise, Idaho Market

The fundamentals in the Boise market remain strong as the area continues to grow and attract national attention.

“Clients appreciate Hunt’s transparency and our focus on building long-term relationships. They know that their success is our success,” says Mont Richins, Idaho Branch Manager. Hunt Electric entered this market recently bringing a number of critical services and capabilities to support general contractors and developers who are expanding into Idaho. 

In-house engineering – Our team of in-house engineers brings all the advantages of design-build delivery to our Idaho projects. This means that we become involved early in the project to ensure that the design meets the needs of the owner, and it is constructible in the field. Our team increases project efficiency, empowers owners with more control over the budget and schedule, and simplifies coordination and communication. 

Speed to Market – As the price of building materials continues to rise sharply, reducing the time between design and completion becomes critical. Finishing a project quickly can yield cost savings by avoiding price hikes that could occur during delays. Our in-house engineering team greatly increases speed to market so that clients can avoid price increases.  

Controllability – Hunt makes owners active participants in their projects to ensure our work accomplishes their goals. We make bids and pricing transparent, informing owners of all costs and providing them with alternatives. This gives owners more control over the project. 

Sophistication – With more than 36 years of experience in the electrical contracting industry, Hunt Electric can draw upon the diverse capabilities of our eight in-house divisions to serve any electrical need our clients could have. Our presence in several different markets has given us insight into the trends that the Idaho market may face at its current stage of growth. 

Relationships – Much of our current work in the Idaho market results from relationships Hunt has cultivated with general contractors and developers we have worked with in Salt Lake City and Denver. Hunt’s experience gives our partners the assurance that even though they are working in a new market, they can count on the integrity, performance, and high-quality work they have come to expect from Hunt Electric. 

For more than 36 years, Hunt Electric has focused on becoming the electrical contractor of choice by building lasting relationships based on the breadth and quality of services that we offer. Today we are increasing the number of clients and projects that benefit from those services by entering into new markets.