Zions Technology Center Celebrates Final Milestone

Another vision turned into reality! On July 15th, Zions Bancorporation brought out their golden scissors to officially open their new Technology Center. Okland Construction led the project team alongside WRNS Studio and the Gardner Company with Hunt Electric providing solar-powered energy solutions. The collaboration between owners, architects, and construction teams brought about the successful completion of a headquarters to house Zions for decades to come. 

While designing the project,  Zions Bancorporation set the goal to have an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient Technology Center. In collaboration with the Hunt Electric Sustainable Energy division, the Zions Technology Center met those goals. The custom-designed solar system generates 1.78 megawatts of solar energy which provides more than 75 percent of the electricity needed for the facility. The solar system was designed in-house by our Sustainable Energy team who mapped out each facet of the PV system before installation. Our designers were able to match Zion’s vision of a beautiful campus and facilities while also optimizing solar energy power. 

To meet the set energy production goal, our team designed three different solar systems: roof-top mount, carport canopies, and a ground-mount system installed on a steep hill next to the building. To ensure that no one was injured, our project foreman, Dave Johnson, implemented several safety measures to keep our teams safe. Dave shared that “The Hunt Electric team came together to identify a solution to installing the panels on the steep hill. We had never done anything like this so it was great seeing how our team members implemented a creative solution and improved our plan.”

Project Manager, Jacob Moore, shared that several other Hunt Electric team members were part of the successful completion of this project, including support from our Prefabrication team. Moore noted that “Their expertise, added with our own, made this project a success. It was great to see apprentices and career electricians working together.” These teams shared their varying experience and skills, maximizing their strengths to ensure the project ran smoothly. 

We are grateful to Okland Construction and Gardner Development for their leadership on this project. Special thanks and kudos to our team for their flexible and innovative solutions to the project. 

To learn more about the project specifics, check out our full project description Here.