Preconstruction Services Increase Efficiency and Keeps the Project on Schedule

Hunt’s preconstruction team makes the construction process faster, simpler, and more efficient. The team has more than 50 years of collective electrical experience leading major projects in the field. This enables them to anticipate the obstacles and difficulties projects may encounter and resolve them before they happen in the field.

Our preconstruction team is an asset to a project no matter what delivery method is used whether it is design-build, design-assist, or bid-build.

  • Design-Build - We collaborate with the engineering team throughout the entire design process.
  • Design-Assist - We contribute to the design phase and bring our real-world experience to the project.
  • Bid-Build - We work closely with the Project Manager to coordinate critical deliverables.

Our team refines the initial electrical drawings into a thoroughly planned and highly organized project that is defined by accurate shop drawings, material take offs based on specific material requirements, and clearly defined phases of construction.

The team uses the following tools to assure the project kicks off efficiently and stays on schedule.

  • Phased Schedule - This allows us to divide the project into phases, plan efficiently, and deploy resources ahead of time.
  • Material Management - Our preconstruction services enable us to forecast material demand for the project and to make early bulk purchases to avoid material shortages.
  • Installation Drawings - The team combines vendor drawings and detailed engineering drawings to demonstrate exactly how to build systems.

Hunt’s preconstruction team works closely with the project manager and foreman to review and refine the design documents and give a project the following advantages and enhancements in the construction stage.

  • Constructability
  • Efficiency
  • Forecasting Ability
  • Problem Prevention
  • Reliability
  • Communication

As construction schedules get shorter and site space for material storage decreases, our preconstruction team makes the building process more efficient for our clients’ projects.

Preconstruction services are just one of the options we offer to save you time and increase your project’s efficiency. You can put all of our industry-leading services to work for you.

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