200+ Installations and Counting!

Throughout Utah and Colorado, our Renewable Energy Division is helping business owners upgrade electrical infrastructure and install electric vehicle charging stations at workplaces and publicly owned locations. Workplace charging presents benefits for companies, such as the ability to attract and retain new employees, demonstrate the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship, and contribute to improved air quality. There are multiple programs businesses can utilize to help lower the cost of their investment including tax advantages, rebates, and state programs. Businesses can also create the opportunity for long-term revenue, including returns from permitting public paid charging at their locations and selling marketing space on the face of EV stations.

Mike Park, an Electrical Foreman for the division, sums it up best:

“I enjoy installing EV charging stations for several reasons! It provides the opportunity for a diverse scope of work, from running PVC/EMT pipe and setting concrete bases or pouring them into sidewalks, to electrical upgrades to supply more power by installing new panels, breakers, and larger transformers. Chargers can be located by drivers using Google Earth, providing those who have electric vehicles the opportunity to plan their longer trips. The biggest enjoyment comes from contributing to improving our environment by reducing emissions and cleaning up the air in the valley. The more electric vehicle chargers we install, the more it could help increase the number of drivers who buy an electric vehicle.”


Hunt Electric is currently ChargePoint’s largest installer. With 200+ installations, we are proud to provide these environmentally sound solutions and can’t wait to expand our reach to other markets moving forward.