Utah Olympic Park Athlete Housing Ribbon Cutting

The Utah Olympic Park Athlete Housing cut the ribbon and is ready to house some the most talented athletes in the world. This is a 72 unit housing facility for seasonal workers and visiting Olympic Athletes who are training in Park City. We were hired by Jacobsen in a design-build capacity - they knew that we could bring as much value to the customer as possible and deliver per the timeframe.

We delivered some VE options throughout the design phase, including the chandelier in the grand entrance. By using 5 individual fixtures to make one large chandelier we were able to give them a very cool feature without breaking the bank. This project has some very big supporters in the state including Spencer Eccles (philanthropist), Jackie Biskupski (Salt Lake Mayor), and Wayne Niederhauser (Utah State Senate) it is just one of the many projects that will be coming up in order to help our bid for a second Olympic Games.

We aimed for the gold and believe this project has acheived it by delivering great solutions, managable budgets, quality results, and an inspiring atmosphere for athletes from around the world.

Let the games begin!