We take Safety Seriously

The Hunt Electric family takes safety seriously and we’ve won many safety awards over the years. We value our employees and know that without them, we couldn’t get the job done. It’s essential to us that our employees make it home safe and sound every day, and we take every precaution necessary to keep everyone safe on the job. In turn, we expect employees to do the same.

"Our employees are provided with polices and procedures to help maintain safety on the job. It is of the utmost importance to us that employees keep themselves, the environment, our customers, and the public safe."
  • Our employees are provided with safety training, and our field reference handbook helps guide them daily.
  • Employees fill out a daily form for every job site—identifying any potential hazards or changing conditions—to provide a proactive approach to mitigating any potential safety risks.
  • It’s important for employees to be aware of their surroundings on any job, assessing any potential hazards in advance. If any potential hazards are identified, they should be handled or reported as needed.
  • It’s important for electricians to keep their job site clean, which reduces the chances of trips or falls.
  • Employees should always wear appropriate and protective attire, and of course, test voltage before proceeding with a job.

These are just a few of the safety protocols that should be followed. But, it’s essential for employees to take every step in mitigating safety risks. Shortcuts might seem like time savers, but they should never be taken. Electricians work with an incredible tool—electricity. We have to respect that tool, ensuring the proper techniques are used in order to keep everyone safe from injury. 

We value our employees, our customers, our public, and our environment. We believe it’s of the utmost importance to keep everyone involved safe.