Keep Your Electrical System Up and Running Efficiently During This Holiday Season

The Holidays are just around the corner, and now more than ever, failure is not an option when it comes to the electrical system in your building or production plant! Your electrical system literally powers your business, so it's critical to have a partner available 24/7 to restore power if your system suffers an outage or other type of failure. 

One of our clients learned this when an arc flash destroyed their 4000-amp electrical service, causing the entire building to lose power. Hunt's service department restored operations quickly by acquiring and installing temporary power equipment within two business days to reduce disruptions to work as much as possible. We worked closely with the manufacturer to help them design the custom-made replacement system. Once completed, Hunt installed the new 4000-amp system and converted the entire building from temporary to permanent power over a weekend. 

Emergency services are vital, but the regular electrical preventive maintenance that keeps your operations running efficiently every day and prevents unexpected failures is just as important.
The kind of preventive maintenance you require depends on the type of facility you own and your business needs. Here are a few preventative maintenance options that can benefit you. 

Electrical Service-Oriented Maintenance

When you have a preventive maintenance contract with Hunt, our service team regularly monitors the electrical status of individual electrical components in your facility and does the maintenance work that keeps them in peak condition. This helps prevent breakdowns that can cause lost productivity and require expensive repairs. Our service team takes the following actions to keep your electrical system and equipment running smoothly.

  1. Diagnose – The process begins with an infrared (IR) scan using a thermal imaging camera to detect high levels of heat in electrical panels that could indicate a problem or potential breakdown. The team thoroughly documents problem areas with photos to establish your equipment's current condition. 
  2. Inspect and Clean Routinely – We will clean your equipment to reduce the risk of accidents and breakdowns and the resulting expenses. Clean equipment lasts longer and improves efficiency and employee safety.  
  3. Plan – After finding problem areas, the service team will work with you to determine which equipment needs immediate attention and which can be maintained later. 
  4. Schedule – The service team will have the flexibility to work on your timeframe so that preventive maintenance doesn't interfere with your operations.
  5. Maximize Shutdown Window – The service team provides a skilled labor force with the relevant experience to work safely and efficiently and get your facility back to work as soon as possible.  

High Voltage Equipment Maintenance

Our High Voltage team serves primary metered companies that own their transformers and switchgear and are responsible for the equipment's maintenance, repairs, or replacement. This can be an enormous expense, and the current supply chain issues have increased the lead time for the delivery of replacement transformers and switch gear to as much as 60 weeks. This makes it imperative to diagnose potential breakdowns quickly and order equipment as soon as possible. The expense and time required to replace transformers and switchgear make an established partnership with an experienced contractor a critical safeguard to protect your business. 

Mission Critical Electrical Maintenance

A business typically relies heavily on the applications, services, and data contained within a data center, making it a critical asset for everyday operations. As a result, its failure is not an option. Regular preventive maintenance helps to maximize your data center's performance and reliability. 

The Hunt Team can perform routine maintenance on Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and emergency generators to ensure the dependability of your critical emergency power. We perform preventive maintenance on weekends and during non-peak hours to ensure that it does not interfere with your daily business operations. 

Technology Maintenance 

Over time your communication room and cabling infrastructure can change from a clean and organized environment where connections are neat and orderly, with efficient operation and troubleshooting is easy, to an unruly, chaotic mess of cables where problems are difficult to diagnose. As part of this maintenance, the Hunt team will thoroughly clean equipment, data cabinets, cable trays, and easily accessible surfaces above and below raised floors. Use downtime between the Holidays to give your Data Communication room a facelift! Hunt's Technology team is certified and experienced to perform a site audit to visually inspect your cable connections and the overall health of your cable infrastructure and identify strategies to make your communication room organized and efficient again. We can schedule this work any time of the year, but why not start the new year with a fresh look? Bring your communication room back to a more predictable and efficient state! 

Seasonal Shutdowns

While preventive electrical maintenance can be performed any time of year, some companies plan for a shutdown during the winter because they experience a slowdown during the holidays. If you have the option to power down your operations, this is an excellent time for Hunt to repair and maintain your electrical systems and equipment. We will inspect and diagnose problems and create a plan before the shutdown begins to ensure we maximize the amount of work we can do. Once your facility is powered down, Hunt will provide all of the labor needed to complete the work you requested within the shutdown timeframe. 

A long-term commitment to regular electrical preventive maintenance results in greater efficiency and cost savings, reduces downtime, and gives your employees a safer workplace. When considering a partner to perform maintenance on your electrical systems, consider Hunt Electric. Our eight in-house divisions and 36+ years of experience in the commercial and industrial electrical industry enable us to design a maintenance plan just for you and execute it quickly. Hunt Electric's preventive maintenance program reduces your risk of unexpected downtime, and we maintain your equipment and systems on the schedule you choose to reduce the impact on your operations.  

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