Hunt Installs a 2,000-Component Video Wall System in Just 9 Days


The audiovisual installation experts in Hunt Electric’s Technology division assembled and installed a 730 square foot video wall system with more than 2,000 separate components in only nine days instead of the three weeks originally scheduled. Hunt’s hard work, flexibility, and collaboration with the customer, vendor, and other trade partners gave the city’s newest high rise a stunning showpiece in its lobby.

Project Profile

95 State at City Creek is a 25-story office complex that rises 393 feet above downtown Salt Lake City. The owner, City Creek Reserve Inc. (CCRI), designed the building to provide 515,000 square feet of Class A office space that reinvents the traditional work experience.

The 28-foot-high lobby entrance gives tenants, visitors, and pedestrians their first impression of this state-of-the-art building. The centerpiece of this lobby is the video wall, which is 65 feet long, 11 feet tall, and makes a 90-degree curve around a corner. The video wall acts as an ever-changing piece of art displaying slow-moving views of stunning landscapes that constantly revitalize and renew the building’s entrance. As Kory Jardine, Owner Representative for CCRI, explained, “Our vision on the video wall in the lobby of the 95 State office tower was to create a piece of digital, moving art. It is one of the few video displays of its kind in the country.”

CCRI relied on the audiovisual experts at Hunt Electric to ensure that this highly visible and complex technological showpiece was installed on schedule and to quality standards that enabled the video wall system to perform at 100% immediately after installation.


During the construction of the building, the project experienced delays caused by Covid-19 and the resulting supply chain shortages. Because the video wall system was one of the last to be installed, the earlier delays accumulated and reduced the time we had to complete the installation from two weeks to nine days. The time available to program the video wall changed from days to hours.


Hunt Electric’s audio-video experts responded to the shortened schedule with a flexible audiovisual installation crew ready to work 18-hour days to deliver the video wall on schedule. Beyond working long hours, Hunt’s crew of audiovisual experts forged strong relationships with the other specialty trades based on clear and frequent communication and collaboration that allowed us to coordinate our labor and reduce the installation time. This both minimized the rework required and allowed us to install the system in just nine days. “We were initially skeptical of the schedule Hunt Electric AV team gave us, but we were pleased to see that Hunt beat that schedule and completed it in just nine days, five days earlier than projected,” Jardine said.

Our audiovisual experts attached 40 power-supply panels directly to the lobby wall then covered the panels with more than 2,000 8-inch by 4-inch Nixel tiles that display the video. Properly installing the system required a dust-free environment to prevent damage to the video wall’s fans and circuitry.

Outside of required programming needs, Hunt’s in-house master programmer created content to test the system and to display on the video wall within hours instead of the usual days given so that the video wall would be ready for its public debut.

“Programming the system was critical,” Jardine said, “Not only did the team complete the video wall in the expedited time frame, but Hunt’s in-house programmer went above and beyond to help with formatting content in just a few hours.”


Hunt’s flexible approach and our dedicated audiovisual installation crew enabled us to install this one-of-a-kind and highly complex video wall system on schedule. The high quality of our work won the praise of the video wall manufacturer for bringing their complex creation to life, and our ability to complete the project within a greatly compressed schedule delighted the owner. “The Hunt Audio Video designer and technical team collaborated closely with our ownership group, product vendors, general contractor, and the architectural team to ensure the design, procurement, and installation were performed on time, correctly, and with the highest technical quality,” Jardine said. “I would definitely recommend Hunt Electric for similar projects.”

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