Making Your Electrical Preventive Maintenance Simple

Scheduling frequent preventive maintenance is vital to keeping your equipment in peak condition. It helps prevent disruptions and breakdowns that could cause downtime and result in lost time and money. Studies have shown that every dollar you spend on preventive maintenance saves you three dollars in avoiding lost productivity.

What is Electrical Preventive Maintenance

When you think of preventive maintenance, monitoring, repairing, or replacing the worn-out components of your machinery and equipment may come to mind. While this is accurate, it is only part of the picture. Preventive maintenance of your machinery is not complete without maintaining the electrical connections and infrastructure (electrical distribution system) that powers it. Just like your mechanical equipment requires belts, drives, and motors to be repaired and replaced to perform at their best, your electrical system needs components like panels, breakers, conduits, and wires to function property to power your systems efficiently.

Your equipment is only as dependable as the electrical systems that keep it working. Electrical preventive maintenance keeps your systems robust and reliable to minimize your downtime and increase your productivity.

Partner with a Professional

Maintaining your electrical distribution system can be a simple addition to your current maintenance plan for your equipment. Partnering with a qualified electrical contractor who offers the breadth of services to understand and support your equipment operations makes it easy.

Using the services of an electrical contractor with a dedicated service department specializing in electrical preventive maintenance simplifies the process.

An experienced electrical preventive maintenance service provider can identify problems and potential issues in your electrical system. They use the following tools to make thorough diagnoses and repairs:

  • Infrared (IR) Scanning – This diagnostic technique uses a thermal imaging camera to detect when electrical equipment emits high amounts of heat. These hot spots indicate pending failure, so identifying them early enables us to replace the parts before the equipment breaks down. IR scans identify many serious problems: Overloads, open circuits, unbalanced loads, lose or deteriorated connections, or defective equipment.
  • Needs Analysis – Based on the readings of the IR scan, your electrical contractor will provide you with a list of where the problems lie within your electrical distribution system and what repairs are required to prevent breakdowns and unscheduled downtime.
  • Coordination – Once they have identified problems and potential issues, your electrical preventive maintenance provider can either make repairs immediately or work with your in-house electrician and your production team to schedule a system shutdown. They will make replacements and repairs that have the smallest possible impact on your operations.

How Hunt Can Help

Hunt Electric has a specialized service division with a team of highly trained NFPA 70E certified technicians available to serve your electrical distribution system preventive maintenance needs 24 hours per day seven days per week. Our team has years of experience working with clients to maintain their electrical distribution systems.

Hunt Electric's eight in-house divisions support all our projects. This broad industry experience enables us to address any potential electrical issue you could encounter from meeting high voltage requirements to installing solar panels.

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