Continuously Evolving: Sustainable Energy Division – Hunt Electric

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - We live on this earth; we love this earth. We have the choice to be stewards of the earth or something else. Today we celebrate with you World Environmental Day. This year’s declared theme is that of “Ecosystem Restoration.” According to various definition sources, an ecosystem is a community that consists of biological organisms that interact one with another. To restore something is to bring that subject back to its original state. Well, our community in the mountain west is truly a multi-faceted ecosystem consisting of many organisms including you and me. That’s right, you and I have the opportunity to sustain and support the restoration of community ecosystems from our own little plot of ground to our neighborhoods to our cities and states.


There are so many things we can do to bring restoration, these might include improving our own recycling habits, using less energy, driving less, riding a bike more and decreasing food waste. At Hunt Electric we have an entire division of women and men focused on sustaining a thriving ecosystem. For more than 10 years it has evolved, striving to stay current on the ever-changing needs of the environment and that includes we the people living here.  It has been known as the Hunt Electric Renewable Energy Division. Well, we do more than provide renewable energy. We are enablers of change for a sustainable environment. We provide not only renewable energy but the supporting technologies that help energy sustainability to flourish. From micro grid technologies to energy storing batteries, along with electric vehicle charging and energy efficiency planning.


Yes, our breadth of services is regularly expanding and adapting to the needs of environment. For this reason, we thrilled to announce that we are rebranding our Renewable Energy Division to now be known as the Hunt Electric Sustainable Energy Division. It just feels right. After all our job is to help restore the ecosystem and do so by offering the most sustainable energy solutions possible to you, a key member of our biological society.


"Words are important," said Thom Carter, executive director of the Governor's Office of Energy Development.  "By focusing not just on their renewable portfolio but on helping their customers find ways to use fully sustainable energy practices, Hunt Electric demonstrates that there are great opportunities here in Utah."


Here’s to a more sustainable future. To learn more please visit us at Hunt