Video Walls: Change Your Space to Serve Your Needs

Video walls transform an office space into a blank canvas that can be repainted instantly whenever you want and as often as you like with just the tap of a screen. This explains their growing popularity and why more of them are appearing in public facing areas.

A video wall is a large display screen made up of LCD monitors or LED Panels. The high-resolution capability of each monitor opens vast possibilities for their use including training, informing, and entertaining employees. Video walls can also put your brand on center stage.  

What a Video Wall Can Do for You

Jacobsen Construction recently opened their newly constructed corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, and equipped the main lobby with a large, nine-screen video array. Jacobsen CEO Gary Ellis explains how the wall transforms the lobby into a space that helps clients feel immediately appreciated and at home.

“Having a video wall helps clients feel welcomed and invited when they see their name displayed as they walk into our reception area.” Ellis said. “The video wall creates a vibrant atmosphere and amplifies our brand and partner messaging for those visiting our home office. When you walk into the building, visitors immediately get a feeling for the exciting activity going on throughout the building and around the country at our many job sites. It helps set the tone for connection and helps clients know they’re in the right place.”

Jacobsen’s video wall highlights client vision and Jacobsen know-how, allowing those who enter the building to quickly understand what Jacobsen partnership is all about.

“Our focus is on our clients and the positive changes we’re making in the cities and communities where we build,” Ellis said.

Video walls are powerful tools for training and educating employees. Podium is a cloud-based software company that installed a video wall in its large events area for just these reasons. The wall’s high-resolution capability gives a captivating video experience to all employees in the 300-seat space. And the video wall is easily transformed into an entertainment center that can display movies, sporting events, and employee-created music videos.

What Kind of Video Wall Is Right for You?

If you’re ready to embrace the possibilities that a video wall offers, there are several factors to consider.

Budget – A critical element in how much owners spend is the pixel density of the screens. The pixel density measures the squares of color that the monitors contain. The more pixels the higher the resolution. To get the best value, match the pixel density to what you can spend.  

Proximity – One factor that determines the optimal pixel density is the size of the room that will contain the video wall. If the average viewing distance is less than 25 feet, a high pixel density makes a big difference. If the viewing distance is more than 25 feet away, viewers won’t be able to notice fewer pixels.

Needs – Choose the solution that serves you best. The video wall in the main lobby that acts as the company trophy case will require far higher resolution than the one in the training room used to display PowerPoint presentations.

Find Audio Visual Experts You Can Trust

Designing and installing a video wall is a complex process that requires the expertise of professionals who can coordinate all the factors of assembling dedicated circuits and routing them the power they require without disturbing the existing electrical infrastructure.

We Can Help

At Hunt Electric, our audio visual experience goes beyond simply connecting monitors. We handle every aspect of your video wall project from performing a needs audit where we sit down with you and discuss what kind of system would best suit you. Then we handle every step of coordinating and executing the video installation.

The breadth of services that we offer enables clients to resolve any concerns they may have with one phone call and allows us to coordinate and implement solutions behind the scenes.

If you’re wondering what kind of video wall is right for you or if you have questions about installation contact us today. We’re glad to help.