Clutch Design Features Key Players Behind the Creation of 50 Fifty DTC

In 2018, we unveiled 50 Fifty, the beginning of a new era in workplace design in the Denver Tech Center. This 400,000-square-foot, 12-story tower is our largest project to date, offering a design-forward solution to the outdated modus operandi of office park building design. 

Thoughtful design has never originated from just one person. In the case of 50 Fifty, an artful concept was executed via multiple teams who poured their hearts into the same end goal. With all of the accolades the project has received, the Clutch team has decided to turn the tables and applaud a few of those companies who worked tirelessly in the background to bring the vision of 50 Fifty to life. 

Hunt Electric, Lighting Design
Hunt Electric has been offering in-house single-source solutions for over 30 years. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT—with branches in St. George, UT and Littleton, CO—Hunt Electric is consistently growing and employs, on average, a workforce of 600+. Their offices boast full prefabrication shops where their teams make and assemble products off-site, which ensures Hunt Electric more control over the quality, safety, cost and on-time delivery of their projects. Hunt’s contribution to 50 Fifty was vast, but their innovation really shines at night through the LED-lit fins on the exterior and the interior light wells, creating a memorable and exciting exterior unlike anything else in the Denver Tech Center. 

“We focused on collaboration from the start. The teamwork associated with this project has led to a solid foundation of relationships based around a project that we can all say that we accomplished together. The 50 Fifty team always had a can-do attitude. Budget issues were tackled immediately with a collaborative, solution-driven approach and constructability issues were immediately resolved with experienced team members.”

– Nate Otterson, Vice President
  Hunt Elelctric, Colorado Branch