From Groundbreaking to Beam Signing to Now

The Ivanti Headquarters project is a collaboration between Hunt Electric’s Engineering, Electrical and Technology Divisions to bring together the company’s vision for their new global office space. It will feature bright, open spaces, luxury amenities and informal meeting spaces to foster their mission to build a culture of customer closeness and engagement.

Thet technology foreman and electrical foreman worked collectively to bring the two different scopes of work together. The project didn’t go without challenges. There were unforeseen delays with the building design and budget constraints, which required coordinated efforts with all trades to deliver the project in required stages and hit occupancy dates. This made for a congested job site and difficult material delivery limitations. Our teams kept deliverables on task and brought the finished project seamlessly to the client.

The Technology Division worked approximately 6,500 manhours on this project with zero safety incidents. We are thrilled to be part of this project and for adding a structured cabling install with a CommScope solution to our portfolio. Our team did a fantastic job from coordination, installation and providing outstanding customer service, and we are confident this will help leverage future opportunities.