On Your Way To Success

An apprenticeship is a learning journey, with milestones and major accomplishments along the way. From your first day on the job until you earn your Journeyman's license can take four or more years, but apprentices can expect to earn top wages throughout their time all while earning their credentials. Apprenticeships are great ways to launch your career completely debt-free. By starting an apprenticeship, you are taking the first step into a meaningful, long-lasting and high-paying career with endless opportunities.

Pre-Apprentice Academy (15-20 Weeks)
  • Learn basic safety, terminology, and needed skills
Licensed Apprentice (4 Years)
  • First Year
    • Enroll in WECA and begin training on the job-site
    • Earn raises twice a year
  • Second Year
    • Progress in school and increase skills
    • Earn raises twice a year
  • Third Year
    • Option to earn a residential electrician license
    • Increase training and responsibilities while continuing classroom studies
    • Earn raises twice a year
  • Fourth Year
    • Prepare for the Journeyman's Exam
    • Learn advanced electrician skills, added responsibilities and finish schooling
    • Earn raises twice a year
Journeyman's Exam & Licensure
  • Test on Electrical Theory, Electrical Code, and Practical Skills
  • Become a licensed Journeyman Electrician
Endless Leadership Opportunities
  • After a few years as a journeyman, train and study to become a foreman or engineer, etc and lead your own projects