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Wireless Access Points

When implemented by an experienced data/communication contractor, Wireless Access Points can provide you with reliable connections even in the most demanding environments.

Aruba Wifi Hunt Electric

ARUBA WiFi Installation:
Example of how ARUBA WiFi works within a facility.

Wireless Access Points

Hunt Electric's Technology team can assist you in the design and layout of your wireless network. We will create a heat map survey of your space that will show the ideal placement of devices, avoiding dead zones and weak coverage.


Security of your wireless network is as important as the coverage itself. Hunt Electric's Technology team will make the appropriate recommendations to design a robust, secure, and convenient network for your employees, guests, and students to use.


Commercial Industry

  • Consolidates wired, wireless and remote networks into a single, centralized access architecture
  • Enables bring-your-own-device initiatives
  • Dramatically lowers the costs and effort needed to extend secure network services to remote branch offices, temporary offices, and teleworker locations using

Higher Education Industry

  • Easier integration of smartphones and tablets
  • More WIFI capacity for busy lecture halls and auditoriums
  • Reliable video, voice and interactive learning
  • Up to 70% reduction in Access Network total cost of operation (TCO) by consolidating infrastructure

Resort and Multi-Family Industry

  • Delivers voice, video and hospitality applications indoors and outdoors without compromising security
  • It can dramatically lower the cost and effort needed to extend administrative and guest services to temporary and remote facilities

Industrial Industry

  • Industrial-grade connectivity in shop floor/manufacturing areas, logistics management facilities, construction sites, distribution centers and energy production environments
  • Dramatically lowers the costs and effort needed to extend secure network services to temporary worksites, supplier offices, construction sites and teleworker locations

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