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Preventive Maintenance

Today's facilities rely on electricity to an extent that makes the loss of power equate to a near total loss of productivity. Computers, networks, office machines, and building systems cannot operate without electricity, and most businesses cannot operate without these systems. This makes power outages not only inconvenient, but costly. Hunt Electric has the expertise and resources to keep your systems operating at optimal levels.

Electric Preventive Maintenance Contractor Salt Lake City Utah

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance:
Our service technicians utilize thermography technology to ensure that your facility is safe
and efficient.

The Best Investment You Can Make

Recent studies indicate that every $1 a company spends on maintenance saves $3 in repair costs.  Combined with the savings resulting from increased energy efficiency and decreased systems down time, effective maintenance programs can realize substantial returns on investment.

Preventive Maintenance services include: Maintenance services on:
  • Power Distribution Generators
  • UPS
  • Voice & Data
  • Fire Detection & Alarms Lighting & Controls

Hunt Electric not only gets your systems back up and running quickly, but also offers maintenance programs and professional services that:

  • Keep your systems operating at peak levels
  • Forecast major repairs or replacements
  • Identify energy and operational cost savings opportunities
  • Reduce equipment breakdown and extends its life
  • Reduce and save on emergency repair calls
  • Lower utility costs
  • Maintain personnel safety by identifying fire hazards
  • Reduce insurance risk