Hunt Electric



Blue Bench Substation

  • General Contractor:
    EPC Services
  • Owner:
    Moon Lake Electric
  • Location:
    Duchesne, UT
  • Contract Type:

Hunt Electric provided the grubbing and ground leveling for a new substation in Duchesne, Utah. All of the grounding, equipment pads, concrete piers, overhead jumpers, underground conduit, wiring, overhead switches, jumpers, yard grading, yard rock, road base, final grading on yard rock, control house battery banks, and AC and DC circuits were installed. All the switches were tested and proofed to MLEL specifications. Additionally, transformer spill containment was provided, as well as assembly and welding of overhead buss structure 5" aluminum tubing. This project will provide a major power source for gas fields in the Duchesne area and surrounding EP Energy developing gas fields. 

Services Provided:   Electrical, Transmission & Distribution, Infrastructure