Hunt Electric



WSU Faulted Line Replacement

  • General Contractor:
    Okland Construction
  • Owner:
    Weber State University
  • Location:
    Ogden, Utah
  • Contract Type:

Removed faulted cable and conduit between the Student Services Building and the Social Science Building. Pulled new 15kV, 500kcm Armored Cable through existing tunnel systems; approx. 1,200 feet without a splice through the steam tunnels under the campus sidewalks; isolated existing loop feed and terminated 600 amp dead break T bodies. Set up and rig pull through existing conduit systems and multiple open air portions of the tunnel systems making corners and offsets in tunnel grades. Approximate total weight of cable pulled in one pull was 11,000 lbs; completed by raising the Armored Cable from the pulling sheaves and rollers fastening it to the ceiling and walls. Terminations of both ends to existing switch gear, testing and phasing was completed per University specifications.

Services Provided:  Transmission & Distribution