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42kW Solar Array

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    Midvale, UT
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Hunt Electric was contracted to design and install a 42kW solar PV system on the roof of a facility in Midvale, UT. This project offsets a significant portion of their annual electrical energy load. This PV system consists of 168 SunEdison solar modules, rated at 250 watts each. The generated DC power is converted to AC power at an SMA Sunny Tripower inverter, and is then connected to an electrical panel inside the penthouse. The approximate energy production of the installed system is 58,369 kilowatt hours per year. According to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalence Calculator, this is equivalent to the following:

  • Carbon Offset is 90,793 lbs
  • Removing 8.6 passenger vehicles from the road annually
  • Not consuming 4,617 gallons of gas
  • Planting 1,056 trees
  • Energy offsets for 2.1 homes

Services Provided: Electrical, Solar Design and Installation