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Multi-Unit Housing

Owners and developers of high-density residential properties want every residential space to incorporate comfortable living elements and the convenience of modern technology. Hunt Electric focuses on attention to every detail regardless of the number of units involved in the project.

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Multi-Unit Housing:
CityScape Apartments - Salt Lake City, Utah

Multi-Unit Housing

Owners, developers and builders of multi-unit residential projects consistently turn to Hunt Electric for our reliability, quality, consistency and safety. Regardless of the project size, our clients are guaranteed singular attention to detail to ensure that every residential space incorporates the finest elements of modern, efficient technology and comfortable living. Due to the repetitive nature of these types of projects, our prefabrication services are utilized, providing a higher level of quality control, reliability and customer satisfaction.

We ensure that their projects are completed within the set schedule and with the highest quality.  


In addition to our traditional design-build, design-assist and bid-build electrical services, we offer a variety of specialty services, including: infrastructure, high-voltage, transmission and distribution, energy efficiency, solar, data/communications, fiber, and security solutions, to name a few. These solutions are offered to our customers and can enhance any multi-unit housing project. Our experience and track record of designing, installing and maintaining multi-unit electrical and communications systems saves our clients time and money while delivering unparalleled service.

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