Hunt Electric


Milford 2

  • General Contractor:
    Sun Edison
  • Owner:
    Sun Edison
  • Location:
    Milford, UT
  • Contract Type:

Hunt Electric's Renewable Energy Team provided the following services for this 3.8MW, 21-acre solar project located in central Utah: 

  • Installation of all electrical work
  • Inspection and approval of all electrical installations
  • Utility interconnection approval through the local utility company
  • Commissioning
  • System start-up
  • Construction management
  • Interconnection
  • Material deliveries

Job site safety was the number one priority throughout the life of the project. 

The schedule for this project was challenging and had to be turned around quickly. Our teams not only expedited the project in the time allotted, but also came in under budget. Utilizing our prefab services allowed our team to pre-measure and pair all the wire for 38 combiner boxes with 16 strings per combiner. Each red/black cut was unique for every combiner/string combination. More than 1,200 cuts were made of all different lengths, and were labeled and organized. All of the connector ends were also installed at our prefab shop prior to leaving our Salt Lake City warehouse. By using our in-house prefab services, we were able to cut the job hours required on site by more than 1/3rd. Every detail was meticulously planned out. Wire terminations were clean and organized. The underground direct-bury cables were zip tied to maintain the 6" spacing requirements from the engineer. 

Services Provided:   Energy, Electrical, Transmission & Distribution, Traffic,  I.T.S./Data Communications and Infrastructure