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Lighting Retrofits

As a full service design-build electrical contractor we are experienced in rebate coordination of Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) Wattsmart incentive program installation, and warranty support for any lighting retrofits. We have been helping building owners and managers control costs, improve lighting systems and reduce their impact on the environment for over 28 years.

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Benefits to our Customers:
Lighting retrofits can benefit our customers by offering enhanced productivity, safety, security and cost savings.

Lighting Retrofits

Our service team has the experience and knowledge to complete fast and efficient lighting retrofits. They are informed about the newest technology and study what options are best for your facility. They will first assess the task being performed in the facility for lighting retrofits to determine the quantity of light, quality of light and lamp color that best meets your needs. Based on their findings, they will put together a comprehensive energy efficient retrofit proposal showing the energy related savings as well as the RMP incentive calculations.

Consistent light levels, improved color uniformity, reduced maintenance and more time for the maintenance staff to focus on other productive areas are just a few of the benefits of lighting retrofits. Enhanced productivity and significant operational savings are the other two main benefits of lighting retrofits.  

  • Enhanced productivity is shared in part from better visual comfort, uniform, distributed illumination and a higher-quality working environment. Seventy percent of the costs of running a business are employee costs: lighting improves the ability to work productively.
  • Reduced operating costs result from energy savings and lower maintenance costs. Long-life lamps and low-maintenance, cost-effective products decrease consumption. Electrical costs can be reduced by as much as 50% or more by taking advantage of new technologies.
  • Utility incentives will pay for as much as 50% of qualified lighting retrofits. Hunt Electric is a participating vendor in Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart incentive program.

Interior and Exterior On-Call Lighting Maintenance

Many of our customers often employ maintenance contracts for their exterior and interior lighting. This allows them to fix their monthly cost and ensure that lighting in critical areas like parking lots, building entrances and exit areas are on when they need to be. Hunt Electric’s Service Team will customize a service contract route to fit your needs on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or on-call basis.