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Renewable Energy

Hunt Electric provides efficient, reliable, renewable energy options that result in short term returns for your business and a positive, long-term impact for the environment. Solar energy has transformed from an emerging technology to an effective solution. Hunt Electric can be your partner in reducing energy dependence, increasing sustainability and saving energy costs.

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2016 Top 500 Solar Contractors
#1 Commercial Solar Contractor in Utah and #2 in the United States


Orem Costco Rooftop Solar

Orem Costco
551.2kW Rooftop Solar Installation 
Orem, UT

 Custom Energy Solutions for Your Business and Home

We consider ourselves the premier renewable energy contractor in the Intermountain area. Hunt Electric currently offers design, consulting and construction services in the following areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency applications:

  • Solar Photovoltaic systems
  • Wind power generation and distribution
  • Building energy efficiency evaluation and retrofit
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations
  • Electric car charging stations

 What do we Bring to Your Project?

Experience. Hunt Electric has been in business since 1986, and with a 25 year minimum warranty period, it is important to select a solar electrical contractor in Utah that will be in business for the next 25 years.

In-House Design. Before design starts, our team will conduct a feasibility study on your building to identify the most appropriate and efficient solution. Our in-house NABCEP Certified PV Installers™ work with our electrical engineers, structural engineers, certified roofing contractors and designers to maximize the installation efficiency and to give you the highest quality installation. A professional engineering stamp is used for all disciplines involved. 

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Burton Lumber
642kW Rooftop Solar Installation 
Salt Lake City, UT

Savings. Not only do we provide competitive pricing, we keep you apprised of and will assist you with all current and future incentive programs and applications to keep money in your pocket. Maximize the financial benefit of solar energy.

Peace of mind. Our team provides a full turn-key, customized solar solution; from financial analysis to project completion. We coordinate with the utility companies, obtain the necessary permits, complete the installation and provide 24-hour service.

Safety. All of your interconnections will be done by our in-house, licensed electricians to guarantee pre-and post-project safety for your home or business.

Monitoring. Our team will monitor your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure maximum productivity.

Maintenance. With solar power we understand that there is no making up for lost time, putting in extra hours for lost production. With our privative maintenance services and our 24-hour service, we ensure that your system has the least amount of downtime and the highest amount of energy generation.



As new and innovative forms of renewable energy are developed, Hunt Electric is committed to being at the forefront of technology.  

Solar Electrical Contractor Salt Lake City Utah

Our Team

Our Renewable Energy Team is comprised of professional, certified engineers, designers and solar installers who strive to be innovative and efficient:

  • In-house NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer
  • Three in-house Licensed Professional Electrical Engineers
  • Three additional electrical engineers
  • In-house LEED Accredited Professionals
  • In-house Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)
  • Experienced solar installers and project managers

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