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Hunt Electric focuses on designing and building mission-critical data centers. For these facilities, failure is not an option. We must ensure that crucial information housed within this building is always available and secure. We have a proven ability to consistently design reliable, cost-effective and energy-efficient data centers for new installations and adding capacity to "live" data centers with uninterrupted service and minimal customer inconvenience.

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Data Center Electrical Services:
Nu Skin Data Center - Provo, Utah

Data Centers

Data Centers are complex buildings with sophisticated Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems that house racks of servers and network switch gear designed to securely store and transmit information. Our experience with designing and building data centers ensures that crucial information affecting multiple companies and millions of people are always available and secure. Our proven ability to consistently design and/or build reliable, cost-effective and energy-efficient data centers was at the center of consideration for project wins such as the Burr Data Center in Salt Lake City, UT and C7 Data Center in Bluffdale, UT. We are equally skillful at working on new installations, and modifying or adding to the capacity of “live” data centers. We understand that in these facilities failure is not an option and we ensure uninterrupted service to minimize customer inconvenience. In addition to our traditional design-build, design-assist or bid-build electrical services, we offer a variety of specialty services, including: infrastructure, high-voltage, transmission and distribution, energy efficiency, solar, data/communications, fiber, and security solutions, to name a few. These solutions are offered to our customers and can enhance any data center facility.


Our experience and track record of designing, installing and maintaining a data center’s electrical and communications system saves our clients time and money while delivering unparalleled service.


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