Hunt Electric



  • General Contractor:
    Hunt Electric, Inc
  • Owner:
    AE Urbia
  • Location:
    South Jordan, UT
  • Contract Type:

This commercial solar installation on an architecture and engineering firm’s office building includes 144 solar panels, racking, ballast, inverters, and supporting electrical components. It was important to the client that the system be hidden from street view to avoid visual clutter and to preserve the clean lines of the new structure. To keep costs down, our team designed the system to produce energy at the building’s voltage (208V), eliminating the need for a step-down transformer. Top of the line self-ballasting inverters compatible with the unique voltage were selected and mounted to the racking. These inverters, also waterproof and passively cooled, will help with long term cost savings. The overall project is an excellent example of how solar can be seamlessly integrated into a building without obstructing any unique architectural elements.