Hunt Electric


20kW Solar Array

  • General Contractor:
    Hunt Electric
  • Location:
    Salt Lake City, Utah
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The solar PV system was designed by Spectrum Engineers and VCBO Architecture as part of Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky funding. The DC rating of the installed system is 20kW. The PV system consists of 100 Solyndra solar modules at 200 watts each. These modules are comprised of multiple amorphous solar tubes to make up one solar module. With the tube-like construction, the irradiance from the sun is absorbed by direct and indirect (reflection off of the roof surface) irradiance. The modules are mounted flat, parallel with the roof. With this angle there is no inter-row shading so more modules can be mounted on the roof. Another key feature of this system is the ability to be a self-ballasted system. This happens due to the fact that the wind will blow through the tubes of the modules with no significant uplift. The inverters are three SMA Sunny Boy Inverters. The approximate energy production of the system is 27,980 kilowatt hours per year.

Services Provided:  Electrical, Solar

Quick Solar Facts:

  • Carbon offset 42,535 lbs.
  • Removing 3.8 passenger vehicles from the road annually
  • Not consuming 2,163 gallons of gas
  • Planting 495 trees